DEB Lime Wash 4Ltr

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Gentle but effective heavy duty hand cleanser with Deb’s patented combination of natural cornmeal hand scrub and light lime extracts. Ideal for most common industrial soilings. Contains moisturiser to help leave the skin soft and supple after use.


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Product Features
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    Works rapidly and effectively to remove a range of everyday ingrained
    industrial soilings such as oil, grease and general dirt and grime.

    Contains natural cornmeal hand scrub

    Natural, non-abrasive and biodegradable cornmeal scrubbers give a deep
    clean without damaging the skin or harming the environment.

    Light lime oil

    Natural scent makes the product pleasant to use and leaves the skin
    smelling fresh.

    Moisturises skin

    Contains glycerine, a highly effective humectant, which moisturises the
    skin to help prevent dryness.

    Condi tions skin

    Contains wheatgerm extract, a source of vitamin E, to help leave the skin
    soft and supple after use.

    Fast actionWorks quickly, and easily rinses away to leave no residue on the skin.

    The cartridge is ultrasonically sealed during the manufacturing process
    to protect the product. The unique patented pump is designed to
    prevent air ingress into the cartridge during normal use and thus
    minimise the risk of external contamination.

    No wastage

    As no air passes back through the pump the cartridge collapses during normal use to maximise evacuation of product.

  • Product typeSkin Care Product
    The Deb Skin Care System™Cleanse - Heavy Duty
    Locations of use

    Heavy Industrial
    General & Light Industrial