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Product Annoucement



Hitachi Power Tools (UK) Ltd has launched a new high capacity 6.0Ah Lithium-ion battery, which is compatible with the entire range of 18V cordless tools.

The BSL1860 Li-Ion battery is the same size and weight as previous batteries but with greater capacity and working time. A multiplex protection circuit protects the cells from overload, overcharging and over discharge, ensuring a long lifetime with up to 1500 charge cycles.

The all new UC18YSL3 charger is capable of charging a 6.0Ah Li-Ion battery on only 38 minutes.




New Product - Supa-Fix

Supa-Fix is an incredibly strong adhesive, curing in just 7 seconds eliminating the waiting times of standard adhesives. It can be used on a number of materials including wood, plastics, ceramics, stone and some metals giving hundreds of possible uses.

Supa-Fix is supplied in kits containing two bottles of adhesive, a black and grey filling powder, an anti-curing pin to prevent the adhesive from curing in the bottle and a precision pipe to use on smaller repairs.


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Safety Signs Catalogue

 New Product 


Metabo LiHD Batteries



A milestone in battery pack technology.


LiHD – a completely new dimension in technology:
The combination of new high-performance battery cells and completely newly developed components in the pack ensure that maximum power remains available for an extremely long time: Metabo has perfected this revolutionary battery pack technology to its pinnacle.


  • 67 % more power – permits completely new applications with battery powered machines
  • 87 % longer run time – for even more endurance
  • 100 % longer service life – makes your investment even safer
  • Makes applications possible under most demanding conditions, which had previously been reserved only for powerful mains-powered machines.
  • New definition of independence: a milestone along the path towards a cordless construction site
  • 100 % compatible and fits all current and future cordless machines from Metabo

Revolutinary LiHD high-performance cells:
Completely new electromechanical design with significantly stronger conductors, which in combination with more active material, permit a

  • significant increase in the accessible power output
  • resulting in more usable energy for you

Massive power rails capable of handling high currents, enlarged contact and cell connectors made from a special CU alloy, conduct the current with reduced losses.


Increased service life thanks to:

  • less frequent charging thanks to greater useable energy
  • significantly lower heat generation for protection of the cells


Increased run time thanks to:

  • an increase in active cell material
  • high-quality materials (silver and copper) in combination with stronger conductors - this permits a more efficient energy flow






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